Diverse, plural, fragmented, full of flashes, roundness and curves. Poetic Array is conceived in spaces that reach infinite possibilities, that break the language and undress the gaze of the world. 

A community that explores the delicacy and elegance of each one, own stories, unedited cosmogonies, impassable skies, unexplored planets, new goals, singular shapes and metaphors that are formed in everyday life. 

A plural story, a search for bodies and words, roads that pursue paths without a destination, waves that hide memories, fluidity and life. A poem inscribed on the skin and a hundred scars that bear a hundred more names. Landscapes and star trail-ways, an unforgettable touch. Skin that stretches and contracts like an unequaled sign of identity. 

Poetic Array can be told from every angle and place. It contains vertices of the extraordinary experience of being oneself. 

Is a story of many bodies that feel and dance in their aura of freedom. Who have many things to utter. Who express their message rooted in the poetics of their sensibility. Something as unique and as delicate as discovering beauty is centered in the curved and not in the straight. The pleasure of the pause in performing things, the luxury of choosing the things we like.

Poetic Array is a community that explores beauty and sensibility, that is committed to amplifying and reaffirming the unique.